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Broken Hot Water Heaters Can You Leave You Feeling Cold

If you woke up to a broken hot water heater, then, life may seem a little cold. We understand that your family needs its hot water heater to run properly. Dishes, clothing and showering depend on a reliable source of hot water and without it your routine is interrupted. The plumbers at Green Tech Plumbing are here to help!

Replace My Hot Water Heater

Hot Water Heater Plumbing Services

Older water heaters waste both water and energy (even when there are no leaks). While Green Tech Plumbing does water heater repair throughout Park Ridge and the neighboring communities, when a water heater begins to fail we always recommend a new water heating system.

Sustainable Plumbing Systems for Your Hot Water Needs

There is a whole new generation of water heaters and Green Tech Plumbing has installed these highly efficient, sustainable systems in homes and businesses with great results.

The Combination/Combo Space and Water Heating System uses a highly energy efficient water heater or central boiler that both supplies heat to the home and the hot water needed for showers, dishwashing, washing machines and all other needs. The system is compatible with either forced air or radiant heat.

Renewable Energy/Solar Water Heaters or Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems have come a very long way. These systems can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate, and of course the sunshine provides a free energy source.

Finally, there are Drain Water Heat Recovery systems that are energy efficient in the way they save heat and hot water. Did you know that most of the energy used to heat the hot water in your home literally goes down the drain? Drain-water, also called Graywater heat recovery systems capture this energy to preheat cold water before it enters the heater saving major energy dollars.

Hot Water Heating Consultation

As experts in environmental, green water heating solutions, Green Tech routinely consults to customers in Park Ridge and the surrounding communities on the best hot water heating systems to save your home or business water and energy costs. Please contact us for a free consultation.