Water Saving Tips By Green Tech Plumbing


As a public service, Green Tech would like to give you 10 tips for reducing your energy usage this winter. Any Chicagoland home can be made more efficient in terms of lowering heating bills, and many of the “fixes” are easy and even fun!

  1. Insulate! Insulation is a given and the more places you can insulate, the more savings you will realize. It’s not just insulation between the walls, but consider these:
    • Insulate around the electrical boxes! Take off the plates and caulk or fill with foam. They even make foam gaskets that fit around the outlets to further insulate.
    • Insulate around any pipes leading to the outside with insulation or foam.
    • Have a fireplace? When the fireplace isn’t in use, place a “chimney balloon” in the chimney. It really stops drafts (even if the flue is closed).
  2. Seal! Did you know that 7 percent to 12 percent of the heat in your house is lost around your windows and doors? Use weather stripping and caulk whenever possible and also eliminate those nasty drafts under doors. Be sure to check any windows and doors in the basement or connecting with the garage.
  3. Attic Check! If you have an attic crawl space, don’t be shy about adding an extra layer of insulation. Have an attic access door? Insulate the door as you have insulated the attic. By the way, it will also keep your home cooler in the summer.
  4. Exhaust at the Best Times! You might not know this, but when you exhaust hot air outside, it pulls cold air inside! So clothes driers, exhaust fans and hoods may make your home cooler. If you can, use your clothes dryer at the warmest part of the winter’s day.
  5. Face the sun? Even on the coldest winter day, sunlight streaming in from a southern exposure can create warmth. Open the drapes and shade and let the sun shine in!
  6. Lower the heat! If your home is relatively free from drafts, lower the heat to 65 degrees and wear sweatshirts and woolen socks around the house. Obviously, if you’re gone for the day, lower the heat while you’re gone.
  7. On Vacation? Lower the heat to 55 degrees and keep some of the cabinetry in the kitchen open to let the air circulate under the sink and other areas.
  8. Buy a heater! A small ceramic heater placed in the bedroom will keep you warm and toasty while you sleep. The rest of the home can be turned down to 65 degrees or lower. You will be amazed at how much this technique will reduce your heating bill.
  9. Consider whole home humidification! The air in our homes tends to get very dry in the winter. Just the smallest amount of humidification can make the 65 degree air feel warmer.
  10. Install a programmable thermostat! The thermostat will learn your patterns, so if you forget, the house will remember!