Signs You Need A New Water Heater

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A reliable steady supply of hot water is a necessity. It goes beyond the comfort of a hot shower or bath. Dishwashers utilize the hot water line to boost temperatures for proper sanitation. Washing machines also hook into the hot water supply for certain cleaning cycles. Unfortunately, over time hot water units wear down and ultimately break. Here are a few early warning signs to keep an eye out for before a hot water unit completely fails. 

Toilet Paper Roll

What the Bear in the Woods Won’t Tell You!

Toilet paper is big business, and huge companies compete for your dollars. It’s no wonder that companies like Charmin have “spokes bears” to get you to buy their product. Toilet paper is also one of those consumer products that most of us use and no one talks about – and certainly, not where it goes after we “go!”

However, environmental scientists are talking about toilet paper a great deal because it has become an environmental catastrophe.

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