Circulation Pumps | Instant Hot Water

Keep Hot Water On Demand

Hotels, restaurants, and corporations have been using circulation pumps to provide on-demand hot water for years. Now, more homeowners have started using circulation pumps to enjoy this simple comfort inside their own homes. The biggest benefit to circulation pumps is having hot water as soon as the faucet is engaged. 


Circulation pumps also reduce water usage. The warm water is recirculated into the cold pipes to provide that instantaneous comfort. Gone are the days of watching the cold water drain out while waiting for the tap to get hot. Instead of dumping all the water and money down the drain, recirculate it into your pipes. 


Circulation pumps are fairly inexpensive and easy to install. Most circulation pumps are suitable for single-family homes. Additionally, they don't require a permit to be pulled to install them. Most pumps run on their own with little to no maintenance required. 


Circulation Pump Types

One Size Does Not Fit All

The most basic type of circulation pumps continuously push water through the home's main trunk lines and then it goes into a full loop and disperses the water back into the Hot Water Heater. While useful in some commercial applications, we typically do not recommend using these types of circulation pumps. Because of the constant flow of water, it puts unnecessary stress on the water heater and the pump. 


Timed Circulation Pumps

The Best Option

This circulation pump system pushes hot water into the supply loop at set intervals throughout the day. These types of circulation pumps come with adjustable timers and thermostats that adjust the pump's cycles off and on. 


Circulation Pumps - On-Demand Service 

These types of pumps work based on demand. They are triggered by a remote switch or by sensing motion in the hot water supply line. The motion will trigger the pump motor and it will continuously run until it reaches temperature, the timer runs out or the pump is switched off. 


Circulation Pumps

Installation - Sales - Service

Green Tech Plumbing of Des Plaines, IL can help you pick a pump, install it and service it. Whether your circulation pump is for a Commercial Business or a residential application, we're here 24/7 to get you up and running again. Call or contact us online to schedule a service call today.