If You Live in Palatine, Your Plumbing Company of Choice is Green Tech!
Green Tech Plumbing delivers the Palatine community of Chicago the greenest, highest quality plumbing services. We are known for combining sustainable plumbing technologies with the most modern in plumbing expertise. It is a balance we always strive to achieve.

Green Tech Plumbing: Plumbing Experts for Palatine, IL
We don’t have to tell you that if you live in the Palatine area, it is difficult to find a dependable plumber. We always place ourselves in your position and what we value ourselves. We base our work on being trustworthy and dependable with the high level of know-how that comes with years of experience. Our customers recommend us because we are dedicated to the strongest customer service. We do the job right, every time.

Green Tech Plumbing unplugs Palatine's Clogged Drains!
Have a plugged drain? We have been fixing drains throughout Palatine for years! We’ll quickly repair that drain of yours in no time at all. We always strive to maintain inexpensive prices and great customer service. Please don’t forget that a clogged drain is a health hazard for everyone in your home or business, especially around children. Call Green Tech Plumbing to unclog that drain!

The Palatine, Illinois Source for the Best in Water Heaters
Green Tech Plumbing prides itself on excellent hot water heater repairs and the best in hot water heater installations. Whether you own or manage a store or have your own residence, we install only the very best. We stand-by our work with the best technicians anywhere.
We are fairly priced with every product we recommend, but we will never endorse “cheap products.” There is just no advantage in installing a poorly manufactured water heater. During our harsh Palatine winters, it is important for every home or business owner to have a trustworthy, energy efficient water heater that always gives you the hot water you need, every time you need it.

Green Tech Plumbing: Palatine's fast, 24-Hour Emergency Sump Pump Service!
As we all know, it is essential to have a first-class sump pump, especially during the winter thaw. Palatine and Northern Chicago customers consistently choose Green Tech Plumbing for the best in sump pumps or their repair. A faulty sump pump can lead to significant flooding along with extensive property damage. Call Green Tech for immediate sump pump help or to schedule a routine appointment!

Green Tech Plumbing: the Green Plumbing Company That’s here for you!
Leaks? No problem! Whether you own a home or any kind of commercial space in Palatine, you can count on us and our fantastic technicians to fix your plumbing fast. Our techs are geniuses! We find and repair leaks and leaky faucets, we free-up clogged drains, replace and repair water heaters and service most any plumbing problem you might have. Best of all, we will always find the greenest, most environmentally solution to your problem.

Palatine, IL, Green Tech Plumbing is always here for you!