The operation of your bathroom is critical to the happiness of your family’s everyday life. When the water won’t go down, or worse yet when it starts coming back up, it’s a serious situation. We understand that nobody plans for a plumbing problem and that when it happens you need a dependable professional on your side. Whether you need a new bathroom, a remodel or just for the water to go down, we’re here to help 24 hours a day 7 days per week. We are located in Park Ridge, Illinois, and serve the neighboring communities.   Fix My Bathroom  

High Tech Bathroom Plumbing

At Green Tech Plumbing we’re familiar with the latest in bathroom plumbing technology. We can service spa-like water jets, steam systems, sophisticated faucets and shower heads. We’re trained and equipped to handle the latest in bathroom technology commonly seen today.

Trustworthy & Honest Bathroom Plumbing

Green Tech Plumbing and our employees are committed to honesty and integrity. There’s a reason why so many customers love us on Yelp. By always looking for the simplest solutions first, we’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars. Don’t needlessly spend money on plumbing repairs and don’t settle for less quality. When a bathroom plumbing problem plagues your family call Green Tech Plumbing for the cure.   Fix My Bathroom  

Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Clogged Showers & Tubs Clogs in tubs, showers and sinks commonly happen because of toothpaste, soap and hair collecting in the drain pipe. Our plumbers can help restore your drainage.

Bathroom Sinks & Fixtures Have a problem with your sink or faucet? We can help install a new sink or repair the old fixture.

Clogged Toilets Clogged toilets are often the result of flushing non-flushable items. If you’ve exhausted your plunger and need help give us a call. Our skilled plumbers will fix your broken tanks and bowls, toilets that don’t flush properly, leaking toilets and running toilets.

Faucets It doesn’t matter what brand of faucet you have. Whether it’s the disk, ball cartridge or compressed, we have experience repairing them all. We also install new faucets.

Water And Drain Lines Green Tech Plumbing can repair, relocate or install your water or drain lines in your building.

Water Conservation Green Tech Plumbing can help you conserve water. Schedule an appointment online to find out more information.   Get My Free Estimate