Snaking out pipes frees up clogs but leaves behind build up on the interior walls. Soft blockages typically come back after snaking because of this build up. An excellent environmentally friendly way of busting up clogs is by using a method known as hydro jetting. Hydro jetting can be used to:

  • Remove Sand & Silt
  • Remove Particle Build Up
  • Fix Slow Sewage Lines
  • Break Up Blockages
  • Fix Stubborn Clogs
  • Clean Lines Before Piping
Video inspections should be done beforehand to pinpoint the cause and location of the problem. Hydro jetting is done at an extremely high PSI of around 4000. It’s powerful enough to blast through most things without damaging your plumbing. Sometimes a snake is used in conjunction with hydro jetting to break up heavy tree roots.   Get My Free Estimate  

Restaurant Hydro Jetting Service

Routine hydro jetting should be on the maintenance plan. It removes grease and food particle build up. Hydro jetting service is superior to snaking alone, completely cleaning the pipe instead of just breaking up a clog.

Before You Dig

Before you spend a dollar digging up that yard call Green Tech Plumbing for a video inspection. Hydro Jetting might be a more affordable option and not every plumber is capable of offering this type of service. Before you dig call 847-518-5338