Hydro-Jetting Service in Des Plaines, IL | Serving the North Western Suburbs of Chicago

At Green Tech Plumbing Co., we recognize the critical role of efficient plumbing services. One of our specialized services is hydro-jetting, an advanced technique designed to address stubborn clogs and buildup in pipes.

Situated in Des Plaines, our team of seasoned professionals harnesses cutting-edge technology to deliver precise hydro-jetting solutions. This eco-friendly method deploys high-pressure water (reaching up to 4,000 PSI) to obliterate blockages, clearing out sand, silt, and other debris. It's especially effective in addressing sluggish sewage lines and prepping pipes for repiping.

For businesses in the restaurant sector, periodic hydro-jetting is indispensable for eliminating grease and accumulated food particles. Our hydro-jetting approach surpasses conventional snaking techniques, guaranteeing comprehensive pipe cleanliness.

Before resorting to expensive excavation procedures, explore our video inspection offerings. Through this, we can pinpoint the source and exact location of the issue. Often, hydro-jetting emerges as a cost-effective alternative solution.

Reach out to us at 847-518-5338 for a complimentary estimate. Discover firsthand the efficacy of hydro-jetting. Rely on Green Tech Plumbing Co. for all your plumbing requirements in Des Plaines and beyond.