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When your sewer line starts backing up it can put a stoppage on your life. Green Tech Plumbing is here to quickly get your sewer line flowing again. Our plumbing shop offers complete drain cleaning and power rodding services throughout Des Plaines, IL, and the Northwestern Suburbs of Chicago. Our plumbers use tarps to cover work areas, wear shoe covers, and clean up after themselves. We live and work in the area so we're familiar with the local infrastructure, brutal weather, and local plumbing codes. All our plumbing techs are licensed, bonded, and insured. Find out why thousands of customers consistently choose Green Tech Plumbing for their sewer rodding needs. Schedule sewer rodding service online to get started or call us at 847-518-5338

How To Identify a Sewer Problem

Most sewer problems are easy to spot on the surface. Slow draining water, complete clogs, and sewage backing up onto the property are all telltale signs of a sewer problem. However, if you notice dark water backing up into your home, then, it's a real emergency. That's raw sewage and it's dangerous to you and your family's health. Call a plumbing professional ASAP to get the sewer line rodded. The hidden hazard that sneaks up on most property owners is trees. Tree roots can force their way into the mainline, that's the pipe connecting your home to the street. They can cause complete and partial blockages that prevent water from properly draining. Sewer rodding and or hydro jetting can break up the roots and get the water flowing again.  

Common Sewer Backup Causes

  • Tree roots in the sewer line.
  • Objects in the line blockage.
  • Broken pipes due to ground conditions.
  • Flushing personal hygiene products, wipes, and luxury toilet papers.
  • Grease build-up blockages
  • Pipe corrosion
  •  Leaking joints
  • Bellied pipe

What Does Sewer Rodding Do?

Sewer rodding or plumbing snaking clears drain clogs, tree roots and gets the water flowing again. A trained plumbing professional will guide several flexible rods screwed together at the ends through your plumbing system. The rods use force to unblock any obstructions in the way of the water flow. Rodding can be done on small and large blockages, from kitchen sinks to mainline sewers. We have specialty rods and plumbing equipment depending on the type of rodding job.

Sewer Line Repairs / Replacements

If rodding and hydro jetting the sewer line is ineffective, the last resort option is a repair or replacement of the pipe. We start by sending a small high definition camera into the line. We'll carefully observe the camera crawling through the plumbing and look for cracks, corrosion, tree lines, etc... This will help us pinpoint the exact location of the problem. Camera inspections help make the repair faster and more affordable.

Digging / Open Cuts & Trenches

If an obstruction can't be rodded or hydro jetted and we've performed a camera inspection then it's time to dig. Our plumbers are always mindful of your property and landscaping. We do our best to minimize the construction and to keep any disruptions to a minimum. We are fully equipped to handle dig jobs, dirt removal, and sewer line repairs. We don't need to bring any third party contractors to complete the work.


How To Prevent Sewer Line Clogs

Carefully plan your landscaping, especially large trees. Look for slower-growing varieties with passive root systems. Avoid planting trees near the mainline running from the street to the property. Over time tree roots will crack, invade and take over the toughest sewer line. Older homes are especially susceptible to clogs from luxury toilet paper brands. Green Tech Plumbing advises property owners to use the "prison paper" varieties on finicky sewer lines. There is also no such thing as a "flushable wipe" in our profession. A large number of these flushable wipes are the root cause of rodding jobs. Never flush rags, paper towels, personal hygiene products or other heavy papers down the drain. Additionally, you should avoid pouring grease, fats, and oils down any of your drains. Be wary of Plumbing Companies selling chemical and natural drain cleaners. In our experience, these products do not work very well. We've filled garbage cans with grease and poured these cleaners in as a test and a week later they literally did nothing. However, in theory, if you have enough of these little microbes in your system they should" eat the grease." Based on our usage it's just pouring money down the drain, literally.

Sewer Rodding / Drain Cleaning

Green Tech Plumbing is located in Des Plaines IL. We serve most of Cook County, some parts of Chicago and DuPage. A lot of plumbing companies will go straight to the dig. We do everything possible to save you time and money. Before you dig, get a quote from Green Tech Plumbing, you might be surprised how much money we can save you. Visit our contact page to schedule an appointment.