Flood Prevention

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Flood Control

In Park Ridge, Illinois and throughout our region, flooding can occur from a variety of factors. It used to be that not much could be done to prevent basement floods, but fortunately there are new ways that floods can be prevented.

As plumbing contractors very used to the challenges of local flooding, we work with homeowners and businesses to reduce the likelihood of floods. One strategy we recommend is the use of “overhead” sewers. The overhead sewer is really like a standpipe. Green Tech Plumbing will put in a pump under the cellar floor that prevents sewage from backing up. Then another pump ejects the sewage to above the flood level. The combination of sump pump and ejector pump lets gravity carry the sewage into the normal sewage line. This “lift station” technology is extremely effective and may mark the difference between a catastrophe and virtually no negative effect to the residence at all.
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If the flooding is very severe as sometimes does occur in Park Ridge, we can build in valves at the pump site that further check the flow of sewage preventing any kind of back-up to the residence.

The system that combines overhead sewage lines plus the pump station allows your home or business to be safeguarded even if you are away on vacation. Should the power happen to fail completely, though the pumps may stop working in the basement, the flood prevention system that Green Tech Plumbing installs, will only affect the plumbing in the basement, but the plumbing on all of the other floors will continue to work.

We are experts in water engineering, flood control and plumbing and we are always pleased to discuss your options and the best solutions for your particular situation.

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