Commercial Plumbing

We handle all aspects of commercial plumbing; new construction, urinals, ADA compliance, sewer line rodding, hydro jetting and more. Whether you're a property manager, a restaurant or a facilities manager, our team of commercial plumbers is here 24/7 to help you with your plumbing demands. Find out more information about our commercial plumbing services.


Bathroom Plumbing

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom may be the most important room in the house. When the bathroom plumbing has a problem everybody is affected. Common plumbing problems we see in bathrooms include; clogged showers, fixture issues, backed-up toilets, low water pressure, and hot water limitations. We also provide full bathroom remodels in addition to plumbing repairs. More information on bathroom plumbing services. 


Gas Repiping

gas repipe

If you need help moving a natural gas line for an appliance we've got you covered. Our plumbers commonly repipe and replace gas lines for property owners. Whether you need new pipes because of corrosion or if you just want to move a gas line, we can help you get it done professionally. Find out more information about our gas repiping service.


Hot Water Heaters

We install, repair and replace water heaters throughout Cook County IL. So if the water suddenly turns cold or you are in the market for an upgrade, we can help. Our plumbers are familiar with traditional units and even more elaborate setups like solar water heaters. Looking for more information on water heater types? Visit our hot water heaters page for more information.


Kitchen Plumbing

Lots of plumbing problems can start in the kitchen. Grease gets trapped in drains, garbage disposals fail, fixtures break, and sinks back up. In an emergency, you need someone fast and dependable. You can rest easy, Green Tech Plumbing is here to get the pipes flowing again. Look up more information on kitchen plumbing here.



Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting uses water and pressure to clear plumbing lines. While snaking/rodding a drain usually works, there are times when hydro jetting is the better option. For example, soft clogs are often missed by the rod and will collapse back in after clearing it. Hydro jetting eliminates this problem and cuts right through soft clogs. Find out more information about hydro jetting.


Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps are critical to keeping your home's basement from flooding. These pumps are designed to push out groundwater seepage around your property's foundation. Without a reliable pump, your finished basement is toast.

We keep sump pumps on the truck and ready for deployment. In an emergency, you can count on Green Tech Plumbing to have what you need. Find out more information about Sump Pumps here.


RPZ Valves

This important piece of safety equipment stops dirty water from backing up into the freshwater. Our plumbers commonly install, test, and repair RZP valves. RPZ valves need to get inspected and certified after some time passes. We certify RPZ Valves for $100 plus the city/town fee. Find out more information about RPZ Valves here.


Leaking Pipes

Pipe leaks never resolve themselves on their own. Water lines are under a lot of pressure and if a small leak appears it can quickly turn into a big mess. Before you start chasing the leak and chopping drywall, give Green Tech Plumbing a call. We have tools that can pinpoint the source of the leak. Call us today for a free estimate or click here to learn more about leaking pipes.


Rooftop Drainage

Rooftop drains need water to flow through them freely and without obstruction. Water backing up onto the roof can cause major damage. Roofing materials will fail faster, hvac equipment can have water seepage occur and the structural integrity of the roof can be compromised. Rooftops and water don't mix. If your drain is experiencing problems contact us today for a free estimate on a plumbing repair. For more info on rooftop, drains click here.

Water Repipe

Brass, copper, galvanized and PVC pipes all have varying lifespans. Over time, pipes degrade, warp and corrode. Water pressure drops, pipes leak and problems start happening. Repiping your supply and drain lines may be necessary depending on your situation. Find out more information about water repiping.


Sewer Rodding / Drain Clearing

Our plumbers have been snaking/rodding sewer systems in Cook County for over 10 years. We understand the infrastructure, the weather and other common obstacles in our area. If any of your plumbing lines back up Green Tech plumbing can get the water flowing again. Click here to find out more about sewer rodding.