Sewer Line Backups

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Raw sewage can damage property, spread disease, and ruin your day. When your sewer is acting up address it immediately before it becomes an emergency. Avoid hiring a handyman to handle the problem, qualified plumbers have a lot more experience. Don’t flush anything that isn’t human waste or thin toilet paper. If raw sewage is backing up into your home, keep family members and pets a safe distance from sewage. Ultimately, untreated sewage is a real health hazard, you need someone trained, insured, and licensed to handle the problem as soon as possible. 


Sewer Gas Smell

Sewer Gas Smell in Your Building? Get Help!

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From time to time, we have all had the displeasure of smelling “sewer gas.” We know it when we smell it but we may not be aware of what it is, what it means and what we need to do about it – especially if we smell it in our homes or businesses.

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