Water Filtration Options

RO Water Filter System
Americans are wasting billions of dollars and plastic bottles in the search for clean water on the go. Landfills are quickly accumulating mountains of plastic trash that can take a thousand years or more to break down. Gone are the days of the single-use cup and the office water cooler. Now, only to be replaced with a dependable filtration system and permanent use bottles.

Last Line of Defense
2100 known toxins have been identified in our nationwide water supply. Your water filter is the last line of defense between the tap and your body. That’s why you must pick the right one for your situation.

While Des Plaines, IL, and its surrounding communities generally have excellent drinking water there are still plenty of reasons to run it through a filtration system. The chlorination in our water supply is a known carcinogen. The chemicals in our water supply can cause problems for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Showers cause the water to vaporize and we not only are exposed to the chemicals in our skin, but we can breathe them in so that the chemicals are taken into our lungs and mucous linings of the nose. In fact, it has been shown that the body can take in more harmful chemicals in the shower in only 10 minutes than drinking eight full glasses of water over the course of a day.

In addition to potentially being harmful to your body, detrimental chemicals in the water may also affect pipes, water heaters and other components of your system. Green Tech Plumbing is pleased to discuss whole house water filtration for improving water quality. We offer a full line of water filters and water filtration systems to serve your needs with brands such as 3M, Aqua Pure, Aquasana. Sustainable plumbing solutions should also mean good health. Water filtration, a Green Tech Plumbing specialty, helps maintain good health for even our most allergic or sensitive clients.

6 Reasons Why You Need Water Filtration

Your Health
Water filters decrease lead, remove contaminants, parasites, and harmful bacteria. Additionally, people with sensitive skin and scalps will also notice and appreciate the reduction in chlorine and other chemicals while showering.

Help the Environment
Not only will it save money, but you’ll also be helping the environment. Islands of plastic bottles are floating around our oceans. The problem has grown so large that scientists can see the accumulated bottle masses from space.

Save Money on Plumbing
Filtered water reduces the wear and tear on your plumbing and appliances. Filters remove metals, chemicals, and minerals from the water. This reduces build-up and can save you money in the long term.

Save Money on Water
Bottled water is expensive. The typical cost of tap water is $0.002 per gallon of water. Compare that to the average cost of a bottle of water at $8.26 per gallon. Filters vary by system and add to the cost but they’ll save you a fortune over time.

Save the Soap
Whole house water filtration systems act in a similar way to a water softener. It removes hard minerals that can prevent soap from developing suds.


Different Types of Water Filters

Water Filters come in a variety of different styles and types. The best filter for your situation depends on what’s coming out of the tap. Different areas face different challenges with filtration. For example, rural areas have more farm runoff and urban areas have more pollution. The type of water filter you need will depend on the water you have.