Sump Pumps – Des Plaines, IL

In Park Ridge, Illinois, and nearby areas, sump pumps are more than just equipment – they’re essential for keeping our homes and businesses dry. These pumps remove groundwater seepage, a common issue in structures with basements. However, many of us don’t really think about our sump pumps until they start having problems.

At Green Tech Plumbing, we understand this. That’s why we offer a full range of professional-grade Primary Sump Pumps, Back-up Sump Pumps, Combination Sump Pumps, and various Sump Pump Accessories. We also service all types and brands of sump pumps.

Since it’s not always obvious when a sump pump is failing, here are some common issues to look out for, along with our expert advice:

  1. Power Outages Affecting the Pump: Like your refrigerator, the sump pump stops during a power outage. We recommend a battery-powered backup or a hybrid pump that can switch to battery power in emergencies.
  2. Pump is On, but Basement Floods: Cheaper pumps installed in new buildings may struggle during heavy rains. Upgrading to a more powerful pump or adding a backup is a wise choice.
  3. Continuous Pump Operation: Sump pumps turn on or off in response to water levels. If yours seems to be running non-stop, it might be a switch issue. Replacing the switch or the entire pump is advisable.
  4. Winter in Park Ridge Can Be Tough on Pumps: Extreme cold, especially in uninsulated basements or with improperly placed plumbing, can cause clogging and flooding. If you’re experiencing these problems, contact us for emergency service. We can clear blockages, adjust plumbing, and offer eco-friendly insulation tips.
  5. Pump Lifespan – 5 to 7 Years: Like any appliance, a sump pump wears out. If your pump isn’t running and the power’s on, it might be time to replace it. We’ll consider the age of your home and the last pump replacement in our assessment.

Sump Pump Solutions

Our approach at Green Tech Plumbing always includes “Green Considerations.” We select the most suitable sump pump for your specific needs. A smaller, less expensive pump can be less energy-efficient and may struggle under heavy load, whereas an oversized pump is also inefficient and unnecessarily costly. We’ll help you find the balance to keep your basement dry and your energy use optimized.