Home Plumbing Inspections

Des Plaines, IL & Northwestern Suburbs

With all the hustle and bustle of purchasing a new property, it is easy to overlook the plumbing fixtures and sewer pipes. While a general home inspection covers the basics, it can miss some costly repairs. For example, older homes are notorious for tree root problems and cracked/bellied sewer pipes. Without running an inspection camera down the sewer it would likely get missed. A professional home plumbing inspection will give you valuable information about your plumbing system, that helps you make a more informed decision.

4 Reasons to Get a Plumbing Inspection

1.) It can save you thousands in future repair costs.
2.) Makes needed repairs evident.
3.) Tells you what types of pipes and materials are being used.
4.) It gives you confidence in your sale/purchase.

Camera Inspections

How Do They Work?

It all starts with a call to Green Tech Plumbing company in Des Plaines, IL. We'll schedule a date and one of our plumbing technicians will come out. They'll locate your plumbing cleanout and open it for service. Next, they'll push a camera through the plumbing system. Older camera systems use a display monitor. The equipment we use records a high definition video that we send to our customers.

Generic Home Inspections

What About The Basic Home Inspection

Unless you've got a background in construction, a home inspection is a must. They'll check all your installed systems and look for open and obvious problems. For example, they'll open a few windows and check a few outlets but everything is superficial. Plumbing systems have hundreds of feet of pipe under your home. Without a detailed sewer inspection, you'll never know what your buying. Sewers can and do collapse all the time. Don't get stuck with a big repair in your new home.

Sewer Line Inspection Cost
The typical cost of getting a sewer line inspected with a camera ranges from $300 to $800. This assumes there is a cleanout and that it's easily accessible. Green Tech Plumbing charges less than $300 and we provide the same service as other plumbers. The difference being, we don't look at your home as a money-making opportunity. Our plumbers are up-front and honest. Camera inspections are generally fast and easy to do. This small service can save you thousands in future repairs. Call or contact us online to get started.