Floor Drain Backups

If you are a homeowner, chances are you will have to deal with a floor drain problem at some point. Floor drains are like the drains in your tub or a shower, they sit flush with the floor. They’re designed to catch excess water and to direct it into your sewer or municipal storm drain. We usually find floor drains in basements, patios, garages, next to water heaters, or anywhere water needs to be removed quickly. They’re installed to prevent flooding and to whisk water away quickly and efficiently.

Floor drains often go ignored. Most people don’t think about them until there is a problem. You can avoid a serious flood by performing some basic maintenance on the drains. Here a few things to watch out for.

Backed up floor drains – If a floor drain in your home is draining slowly or clogged, don’t ignore it. A clogged floor drain can rapidly turn into a flood.

Floor drain backs up when doing laundry – Even if it eventually goes down afterward, someone should snake it. That plumbing line may serve more than just the laundry. If the conditions are right, it could flood.

Smelly floor drains – Are you noticing a sewer gas smell coming out of your drain? It could be the trap. The trap holds water to prevent sewer gases from escaping. If the drain isn’t used often, the water can evaporate and it will release the gasses into the home. Just pour a gallon of water down the drain to fill the trap. If it’s a dingy water logged smell, you could always try a little vinegar in the drain to clear it up.

Problem floor drains – If you have consistent problems with a floor drain it’s a good idea to get it rodded out annually. It may also be worth sending a camera into the pipe to check that the line is clear.

Construction debris – If you’re having construction work done near a floor drain, cover it. Screws, sawdust and other debris can cause a clog in the drain.

We get a lot of calls concerning floor drains. Most of them just need to be rodded out and that takes an hour or less. Don’t let your floor drain become a problem. If you’re having a problem with your drain, give us a call. Our licensed plumbers are on call 24/7 to serve you. Call us anytime at 847-518-5338