Battery Backup Sump Pump

Living in an area with unpredictable weather, like Des Plaines, IL, means it’s really important to be ready for anything. One key thing to think about is what happens if your sump pump stops working. A sump pump keeps your basement dry by moving water away from your house. But if there’s a power cut or the pump breaks, you could end up with a flooded basement.

That’s where a battery backup system for your sump pump comes in. It’s like a safety net. If the power goes out or your main sump pump has problems, the backup system kicks in. It uses a battery, so it works even when there’s no electricity. This way, your basement stays dry and safe.

Backup Solutions – Des Plaines

Many homes in Des Plaines already use sump pumps. If yours is one of them, think about getting a battery backup system. It’s a smart move to protect your home before there’s an emergency. Remember, by the time you notice your sump pump isn’t working, it might be too late and your basement could already be taking on water. So, it’s a good idea to add this extra layer of protection now.

What Battery Backup Systems Do You Offer?

Our plumbing technicians can install just about any battery backup system. However, we carry and recommended the following brands and products to our customers.

Liberty Pumps Pro Series 2400

Product Battery Backup Sump Pump
Housing Material
Impeller Material
Handles Solids
Float Type
Dual Float Sensor
GPH @ 0 feet 3900
GPH @ 10 feet 2400
Discharge Port Size
1-1/2 Inch
Battery Recharger
Weight 23lbs
Alarm Yes

Sump Pro With Battery

SUMPRO is a cutting-edge power converter that converts D.C. battery power into 115 VAC power, providing a reliable auxiliary power source for your standard 115 VAC sump or ejector pump. With its easy installation process, SUMPRO eliminates the need for any modifications or piping changes, and can work with any 115V pump up to 3/4 HP. The product is designed to power your existing sump pump during outages, with a smaller footprint and lighter design for quiet operation. The LCD screen allows for real-time monitoring, and the alarm contact provides remote monitoring and notification capabilities. SUMPRO also features inputs for solar and wind power, an improved charging circuit, and high inrush capability. Made in the U.S.A., SUMPRO is the ultimate solution for ensuring continuous operation of your sump pump during power outages.

sump pump
  • Protect Your Finished Basement
  • Get Peace of Mind

  • Stay Dry During Power Outages
  • May Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Protect Against Pump Failures