Most homeowners will face a water leak at some point. The toilet tends to be the culprit. However, a water leak can occur for several reasons; pipes freeze, toilet seals fail, and caulk degrades over time. Water leaks that go unnoticed can cause devastating damage. If you suspect a hidden leak but are unsure, here are a few signs to look out for:


5 Signs of a Water Leak 

  1. Unusually high water bills.

  2. Mold or mildew formation on the walls/ceiling.

  3. Soft spots and paint bubbling.

  4. Stained or damaged walls or ceilings

  5. Hearing the sound of running water but cannot locate it.


Plumbing Leak Types

Water leaks that flood your home cause the most damage and the biggest frustrations. They are often the simplest leaks to repair but if they go unnoticed they can have devastating consequences. Leak possibilities are endless but here are the most devastating leaks we see daily. 


1.) Frozen Pipes - When pipes freeze they can burst and leak water into your walls, basement, or ceiling. The Texas winter storm of 2021 brought a slew of viral videos to the internet because of frozen pipe bursts. A majority of the videos were ceiling collapses and floods. A lot of people left their homes only to return to catastrophic loss. 


2.) Toilet Supply Lines - Toilet supply lines are used to fill your toilet tank with water before a flush. Over time supply lines can turn brittle and corrode. Leaky toilet lines can cause serious damage, especially if it is on the top floor. Water will accumulate on the floor and leak down through the home until it reaches the basement, damaging all the floors in between. Fixing the leak is simple and inexpensive but the damage it can cause could be catastrophic.   


3.) Hot Water Heaters - The tanks on water heaters eventually corrode / rust and ultimately fail. Pans and a floor drain next to the heater can usually contain the water until a plumber changes out the tank. However, if left unchecked the heater could fail and release gallons of water on your floor. 


4.) Appliances - The dishwasher and certain refrigerators have water supply lines connected to them. They're also susceptible to bursting/corroding. 


5.) Silcocks - The Silcock is the spigot on the outside for garden hose hookup. If it's not drained for the Winter season it can freeze. It won't leak until spring when you turn it on and use it for the first time. When this happens, the spigot can leak back inside the house. Most of the time the homeowner doesn't even realize it until they discover the damaged wall or flood. 


Plumbing Leaks | Chicago | Northwest Suburbs 

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