Drain Cleaning – Des Plaines & Northwestern Suburbs

Green Tech Plumbing Co is the premier choice for the best drain cleaning service in the Northwestern Suburbs, including Des Plaines, IL, and select areas of Chicago. We’re your local heroes in the fight against stubborn blockages, offering specialized drain cleaning services that promise to keep your water flowing unimpeded.

How Do I Know If My Drain Is Clogged?

The symptoms of a clogged drain are noticeable, and the longer it goes without service, the worse it will become. If you encounter any of the following symptoms, it is advisable to have it checked out immediately.

Slow Drainage – Water pooling in sinks, showers, and tubs and draining slower than usual is often the first sign of a clog.

Gurgling Sounds – Are your drains making gurgling, bubbling, or other unusual noises? This can occur when air is trapped in the drainage system, indicating a plumbing line full of water. The gurgling noise results from air being pulled through the system.

Water Backup – Water, sewage, or soot backing up into your bathtub, basement floor drains, or spilling over the rim of the toilet are clear indications of a clog.

Multiple Clogs – If multiple fixtures are clogged, for example, flushing the toilet causes overflow at the floor drain in the basement, or if all drains are moving slowly, this could signify a main line clog. The main line is the plumbing line that runs from the house to the street.

Toilet Backs Up Into Tub – If flushing the toilet causes water to back up into the bathtub, this typically means there is a branch line clog.

Promptly addressing these symptoms is crucial to avoid further plumbing complications. Regular maintenance and professional drain cleaning services are effective in preventing the formation of clogs.

Comprehensive Drain Clearing

At Green Tech Plumbing Co, we bring a full spectrum of drain cleaning solutions right to your doorstep. Our certified team is well-versed in tackling everything from a clogged sink drain in your kitchen to slow bathtub drains that test your patience. We’re not just another name among drain cleaning companies; we’re your neighbors, fully licensed, bonded, insured, and committed to ensuring your peace of mind.

Specialized Services for Complex Systems Unique drainage systems, such as roof drains and storm sewers, require a keen eye and a skilled hand. Green Tech stands out as the drain cleaning service adept at maintaining these critical systems. Whether it’s drain snaking or drain rooting, our technicians bring expertise to prevent water damage and maintain the integrity of your property.

Drain Clearing Services

  • Toilet Clogs
  • Kitchen Sink Clogs
  • Tub & Shower Clogs
  • Laundry Tub Clogs
  • Floor Drain Backups
  • Roof Drain Blockages
  • Sewer Blockages