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Green Tech Plumbing is a top rated plumbing company in Des Plaines, IL. We have the crew and the equipment to resolve just about any plumbing problem. Service is usually done on the same day. Call or email us now for more information. . Schedule service online or by calling us at 847-518-5338

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    When your sewer line starts backing up it can put a stoppage on your life. Green Tech Plumbing is here to quickly get your sewer line flowing again. Our plumbing shop offers complete drain cleaning and power rodding services throughout Des Plaines, IL, and the Northwestern Suburbs of Chicago. Our plumbers use tarps to cover work areas, wear shoe covers, and clean up after themselves. We live and work in the area so we're familiar with the local infrastructure, brutal weather, and local plumbing codes. All our plumbing techs are licensed, bonded, and insured. Find out why thousands of customers consistently choose Green Tech Plumbing for their sewer rodding needs. Schedule sewer rodding service online to get started or call us at 847-518-5338

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    • Sewer Rodding / Drain Clearing
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    • Ejector Pits
    • Flood Control Systems
    • Tree Root Sewer Problems
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    • Broken Sewage Lines
    • Sewage Backing Up