When our customers in Park Ridge, Illinois or Niles, Illinois or any of the surrounding communities need sump pumps, ejector pumps or pump accessories, they know that Green Tech Plumbing offers the best products – and also the most sustainable products at very affordable pricing.

Different types of pumps function in different ways to clear a home of excess ground water build up or water due to flooding. Sump pumps are used to remove ground water from sump pits. The most common use of the sump pump is in the basement of a residence where it is used to prevent flooding.

Green Tech Plumbing offers a complete line of Primary Sump Pumps, Back-up Sump Pumps and Combination Sump Pumps that can run on house current or on battery power in case of electrical failure. Though our product line varies considerably, our sump pumps represent our commitment to always choose the most environmentally responsible and sustainable solution.

In addition to sump pumps we also install Sewage Pumps and Effluent Pumps. Sewage/Effluent pumps are used in bathrooms, for lift stations in overhead sewage lines, for septic systems and for larger sump pits.

Controllers are used to improve the efficiency of a single pump in a residential setting or when pumps are paired together to provide back-up capabilities. Controllers can make a huge difference in the efficiency of the pump system.

No matter your pump requirements, Green Tech Plumbing will install the make and model that is perfect for your particular needs